In no particular order, here are the most common bootcamp FAQs.

Can I do The Look Great Naked Bootcamp if pregnant or breastfeeding?

The Look Great Naked Bootcamp is NOT recommended during pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding women are able to participate in the bootcamp with the clearance of their primary health practitioner, and some adjustments may be made.

What if I’m vegetarian or vegan?

The nutrition component is adjustable to vegetarians. I do not cater for a vegan diet, however you may be able to make modifications and certainly will benefit from other aspects of the bootcamp as well!

Do I have to live in Australia?

No. This is a completely online bootcamp comprising video, audio and PDF content as well as a members-only area on my website. You can participate from anywhere in the world!

I’m going to be away some time in the 6 weeks, should I wait until after my holiday?

Not at all! You can keep the bootcamp material and stay in the forum for life, so you can do it in your own time. Many women will be doing this due to demanding schedules. The content will be delivered week by week but you can go at your own pace and certainly come back to it as well.

I’ve tried everything and nothing works. How do I know this will?

With all love and respect – can you truly say you’ve been able to consistently eat right to nourish your body? Are you confident that you know exactly how to train for lasting results? Do you know how to stop and listen to your body, take time out when you need to but push through when you don’t? Have you dealt with self-sabotaging behaviours for good, and shed beliefs that may be holding you back despite your actions?

Have you consistently, day in and day out, lived in such a way that you eat, breathe, move and think thoughts of lean and success?

With the Look Great Naked Online Bootcamp you will address all of this, and allow it to become effortlessly integrated into who you are.

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I’m really busy! How much time will all of this take? Is it going to be complicated to figure out or implement?

The beauty of The Look Great Naked Bootcamp is that you can give it as much or as little time as you choose. The workouts are designed to be done in as little as 2 hours per week (and can be done 100% from home, I have programs for you to choose for either home or gym, or both). And I show you how to do all your healthy cooking for the week in as little as a couple of hours as well! Each week I give you some powerful transformation work for your creating a positive mindset of success, and you can either spend a few minutes a day on that or about half an hour each week.

The content itself will take you about half an hour each week to devour and from there it’s up to you. Some of my bootcamp beauties are on the forum sharing and chatting and getting support nearly all day every day (it’s a pretty cool forum!) and others jump in when they have a question. Even the live webinar teleseminars are recorded so if you prefer you can listen to them whilst driving and download and keep them for life.

This bootcamp has been designed so that you can take what you need from it, and YOU get to control how much time you want to put in on a week to week basis.

I haven’t done much exercise and I don’t have a lot of time for it. Will I still get results or is it just for fit gym junkies?

It is absolutely not just for fit people or gym queens! Whilst I love training in the gym I also have days where I can’t or don’t want to go, and so I train from home. In fact, although I said ‘as little as 2 hours per week training’ above, I also give you a 10-minutes a day option! And my programs offer regressions and progressions so that you can start them as a complete beginner or you can be challenged and push some limits if you are a gym junkie.

All of my Sculpting programs have a video overview so you can be sure of the correct technique as well.

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Refund policy

The Look Great Naked Online Bootcamp is chock full of the exact nutrition, training, motivation, mindset and lifestyle systems I’ve developed over 13+ years and used successfully with all my fat loss clients. I have put my heart and soul and every bit of my knowledge into ensuring you get the exact strategies, systems and support to guarantee your success. In order to keep the program so affordable for everyone I cannot offer a refund policy.

I am intolerant to certain foods and have to be careful what I eat. Will your program work for me?

I steer clear of some of the most common intolerant foods on my meal plans. But even if there’s foods you can’t eat or don’t like to eat, I always make sure you have other options. An important part of my meal plans is the variety I use and I make it a must to ensure that my meal plans can be adapted to suit your allergies or intolerance needs as well as your likes and dislikes. The results are in following the principles behind the meal plans and I show you exactly how to do that.

What if I don’t like the food? What if I get really hungry on your program? Is it about calorie restriction?

I am what I would call ‘calorie aware’ not ‘calorie obsessed’. By this I mean that whilst I take calories and food quantity into consideration I don’t ask you to count calories and nor am I overly rigid with food portions. I make it a rule with each week’s meal plan to give options for how to adjust if you are getting hungrier or if you’re not very hungry. What I found happened in the first round is a lot of the bootcamp beauties were feeling their metabolism kick in and their appetite pick up within a few days and so I had systems in place to adapt the meal plans on an individual basis.

Who should not do the bootcamp?

The Look Great Naked Bootcamp is not for you if you’re after a quick-fix diet rather than a lifestyle change. I will not tolerate whiners or a ‘but I’ve tried everything’ approach. If you’d tried everything you’d have the results you want.

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Got a question you’re not sure about? Email me at kat@katloterzo.com and I’d be glad to answer!